We’re making eye imaging more affordable, accessible and easier to use.


Millions of eyes are waiting.

Diabetic retinopathy. Macular degeneration. Glaucoma. These eye diseases disrupt so many lives, causing blindness, lowered quality of life, and a huge financial burden on patients and providers. Early detection is critical to effectively diagnose and treat these diseases — before they can take their toll.


Technology holds the answer.

Optical Coherence Tomography, or OCT, has become the gold standard for eye disease imaging and diagnosis, allowing healthcare professionals to detect disease earlier — often before there is a single symptom. However, current OCT devices in the global market range in price from $35,000 to $150,000 — far too expensive for the many optometry practices who the bulk of U.S. patients rely on for their eye care needs.


We’re putting the gold standard within reach.

Lumedica has successfully developed a cheaper, patented process to deliver OCT images, allowing device costs to drop significantly, enabling more healthcare providers to conduct OCT imaging, giving patients greater, earlier access to the one test that can save their vision and improve their quality of life.


Meet the Team.



Lumedica debuts OQ Labscope at Photonics West 2017 BIOS Exhibit Hall.


Learn about the OQ LabScope, our first OCT system.

Download the OQ LabScope Product Sheet


Investors welcome.

Lumedica is actively seeking seed-stage investment. For a prospectus, please get in touch.


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